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  • Peace Man Lotion

            Our Peace Man blend is a combination of lavender oil and patchouli oil. The deep floral aroma soothes and relaxes.

            Lavender oil has been in wide use for hundreds of years. It is distilled from the flowering spikes of certain varieties of the plant genus Lavandula. The floral aroma calms, soothes, and relaxes the mind. Lavender oil is commonly used for its relaxing qualities by massage therapists diluted in a lotion or carrier oil.

            The patchouli plant is native to tropical regions of Asia but is now cultivated worldwide. Patchouli oil, usually distilled from the leaves of the plant, has a strong floral tone. The oil is often used as a foundation when blending scent. The oil itself is thick and dark. The sweet, punchy aroma is unmistakable.