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  • Love Potion Lotion

            Prepare for a welcoming warm sensation as four tantalizing scents of nature relax the body and fire up the mind. Spice up your life with this hot blend of clove, nutmeg, black pepper, and patchouli.

            Originally native to a small group of islands within Oceania known as the Spice Islands, cloves and clove oil were a well established part of worldwide trade by the late 1700s. Eugenol is the primary chemical compound found in clove oil. It is responsible for the distinct warm and clean aroma associated with clove.

            Nutmeg is commonly used in the kitchen to add a sweet fragrant garnish to a wide variety of dishes. Nutmeg oil brings the most vibrant pieces of this indulgent spice to a sharp sweet point. Most of nutmeg's 10,000 tons/year production comes out of Indonesia.

            Unripened fruits of the Black Pepper plant are picked and flash boiled, then dried to produce the familiar black peppercorn. The peppercorns can be ground and consumed or crushed to extract the oils. Piperine, not capsaicin, is responsible for providing the familiar blast to the senses that wakes the mental appetite. Vietnam and Indonesia produce over half of the worlds 500,000 tons/year of black pepper.

            The patchouli plant is native to tropical regions of Asia but is now cultivated worldwide. Patchouli oil, usually distilled from the leaves of the plant, has a strong floral tone. The oil is often used as a foundation when blending scent. The oil itself is thick and dark. The sweet, punchy aroma is unmistakable.